Got a story?         I’ll help you tell it.

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After more than 30 years in journalism and public relations, I know how to draft a concise and compelling story that conveys your unique message to the world.

As a  writer, I extract the golden nuggets you might overlook to create engaging copy that increases your visibility and attracts more paying customers. As an editor, I polish your marketing materials or your manuscript until the words sparkle.

My professionally written or edited copy will make you look good. And, because I’m trained as a deadline-oriented journalist, you’ll get your copy on time – and within budget.

Check out my portfolio page to see my bonafides.


On the personal side:

I love working with words. It’s satisfying to communicate a clear message and rewarding to revise a badly constructed sentence. And, yes, I’m obsessive about grammar. I correct newscasters on NPR, and I stop my friends in mid-sentence when they make a verbal error. (Needless to say, friends and family relish catching me in a grammatical mistake.)

An inveterate reader, I started off with D.C. comics when I was a kid (that’s Superman and Batman to the uninitiated), eventually graduating to science fiction, fantasy and mystery novels. I love a good vampire yarn! When I need to recharge, I get lost inside a book for hours at a time.

I’m a native Californian who thinks that 68 degrees Fahrenheit is cold, and 75 is just right. Born and raised in San Diego, I moved 100 miles north to Orange County, where I majored in communications with a journalism emphasis at California State University, Fullerton. Happily, I found a job in my preferred field – as a reporter for the Whittier Daily News — even before I graduated.

Past employment includes The Orange County Register and Entrepreneur Media, which produces Entrepreneur magazine. I also detoured into public relations for a few years as a PR pro for boutique agency HKA Inc. Working for Entrepreneur gave me the confidence to strike out on my own in 2012 as a solopreneur – and I haven’t looked back since.